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Trusted, Reliable Orange County Plumbers

Coast View Plumbing has developed the reputation of being the trusted, reliable Orange County plumbers throughout the years, as a result of the quality of service we have and continue to provide our clients. We are their go to local plumbing contractor.

Coast View Plumbing Services

Our services include fixing something as small as a dripping hose bibb for businesses to large rough (underground, behind walls) installation for commercial buildings.  Our services include:

  • Replace or repair kitchen faucets, garbage disposals, angle stops, water supply lines, dishwasher lines, air gaps, ice maker lines

  • Camera sewer lines, repair or replace sewer lines, “snake” main sewer lines, “snake” or “cable” secondary lines (kitchen/laundry/lavatory/shower/bath)

  • Provide electronic leak detection

  • Repiping or repairing copper or Pex water lines, re-routes

  • Replace or repair water heaters, toilets (including commercial wall-mounted toilets and urinals)

  • Install, replace or repair Sloan Type Valves, Sloan Manual Flushometers, Sloan Sensor Flushometers, and Sloan Sink Systems

  • Service and install Acorn Engineering Products and Bradley Corporation Products

  • Install and repair Haws, Elkay and Oasis Drinking Fountain products

  • We have also certified installers of Cool Fit ® refrigeration and cooling systems used in Craft Breweries, etc.

Plumbing Maintenance

With the high traffic that goes through bathrooms and kitchens, plumbing issue potentials increase. So prepare for the unexpected clogged pipes, and water leaks by having a reliable plumbing team, Coast View Plumbing Inc., on schedule to do regular preventive maintenance.  Being proactive in plumbing maintenance can prevent leaks and clogs from happening, which in turn saves you in downtime for repairs, and money spent on those repairs. If a problem is addressed early, it minimizes the amount of damage that can occur.

So call Coast View Plumbing, Inc. at (714) 957-4087 to assess the condition of your pipes for your peace of mind. We serve clients in Los Angeles, Orange County, and southern California.